Frequently Asked

What are you opening hours?

We are open 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday and 12:00 to 17:00 on Saturday.

We are closed on Sunday.

Can I pick my order up directly from you?

No we only offer a delivery service at present.

What areas do you deliver too?

We currently delivery only to New York and New Jersey State addresses.

Is every product in stock when I place my order?

Yes in most cases all items are in stock and inventory levels are carefully updated on the site each day. However, we are a food business and sometimes due to spoilage or delays in the supply chain there might be rare occasions where we run out of stock of parts of your order. In this event we will contact you.

What is the phone number of your warehouse?



What is your policy on returns and refunds once I have received my order?

Due to the perishability of the products, we offer all sales are final. If you received your order and something is not as expected, please email us for support.


I have questions how do I reach someone?

Please either call our warehouse telephone number or email us on and we our team will help you.


I need specific products on a specific day how can I make that happen?

Please contact our team and we will help you to make this happen.


When will my order ship?


How much are shipping costs?



Will my frozen items ship with dry ice?

Yes! All frozen items will ship with multiple ice packs and dry ice. Please note, dry ice may evaporate before you receive your shipment.

I have an issue with the condition in which my order arrived , what should I do?

Please contact our team directly and we will help.

I received my shipment a day late because of Fedex. I want a refund.

Please contact our team directly and we will help.

My shipment is damaged, what should I do?

Please contact our team directly and we will help.


How do I store fresh truffles upon arrival?

Fresh truffles should be wrapped in dry paper towels upon arrival and should be stored in a sealed container. Refrigeration is a must. Truffles continually are producing aroma compounds and if stored with eggs, they will “truffle-ize” and permeate the interior egg yolk by sheer proximity. This means that you can enjoy eggs that will ultimately taste like truffles without even having to use your treasured truffle! Other items that “truffe-ize” extremely well are butter, duck fat, or cheese. Truffles have an incredibly short shelf life and you can expect a life of up to 10 days if properly stored.

How long will my fresh truffle be good for?

For the best aroma and flavor experience, consume fresh truffles within 48 hours of receiving.

Should caviar be refrigerated?

Yes! Please store all caviar inside the refrigerator upon receipt. Caviar should be kept as cold as possible, so we recommend storing caviar on a bed of ice in the refrigerator. Do not freeze!

How long will caviar keep?

We recommend consuming caviar within 2 weeks of receipt.